Peppermint is an aromatic herb that is mostly found in Europe and Asia. It is one of the herbs in the mint family that has been used for thousands of years for various purposes, such as for minty taste and health benefits.

It is used as a flavoring ingredient in breath mints, candies, and several other foods. Some people love to consume peppermint tea that has several health benefits. You can consume peppermint as a treatment for digestion, IBS, coughs, and headaches.

The leaves of peppermint contain various essential oils, such as menthol, menthone, and limonene.  Here, the menthol has cooling properties that make it able to use it as a minty scent. Moreover, peppermint tea is full of antioxidants and is loved by tea lovers for its refreshing, delicious flavor.

Here, you will get to know about various peppermint health benefits.

  1. Ease digestive upsets

When it comes to the peppermint benefits, it works great in giving relief from digestive symptoms, like gas, bloating, and indigestion. As per the study, it was found that peppermint helps in relaxing the digestive system and also in easing pain. It is also a great remedy for preventing smooth muscles from contracting, thus, giving relief to spasms in your gut.

In one study, some people dealing with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) were treated with peppermint oil for two weeks, while some were given a placebo. The people given peppermint were resulted in getting better symptoms relief from those receiving placebo.

It is also believed that peppermint also works great in reducing the frequency, length, and severity of abdominal pain. You can also consume capsules containing peppermint oil to reduce the severity of nausea and vomiting in people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

  1. Relieve headaches and migraines

Do you know that peppermint also acts as a pain reliever? So, one of the best peppermint benefits is reducing certain types of headaches, including migraines.

The menthol present in peppermint oil helps in improving blood flow and also gives a cooling sensation. In one study, some people suffering from migraines were asked to apply peppermint oil on the forehead and temples. As a result, it was found that they experienced a significant reduction in their pain after two hours.

In another study, some people had given peppermint oil to be applied to the forehead. It was found that peppermint oil was as effective as consuming acetaminophen, a painkiller.

The aroma of peppermint tea may also help in relaxing muscles. Thus, it gives relief to the headache. Though there is no supportive study to prove this effect, applying peppermint oil to the forehead and temples may help.

  1. Freshens your breath

It is one of the reasons that allows peppermint to become one of the ingredients in toothpaste, mouthwash, and chewing gums. Peppermint not only has a pleasant smell, but its antibacterial properties work effectively in killing germs that cause plaque in your teeth. Thus, it helps in improving your breath as one of the peppermint benefits.

In one study, people were made to rinse their mouth with peppermint, tea tree, and lemon oils to improve their bad breath symptoms. People with oils got better results than those who did not rinse with oils.

In another study, some young children were given a peppermint mouth rinse. They experienced an improvement in their breath after one week, compared to those who did not receive it. The compounds present in peppermint are believed to improve breath.

  1. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Here, one of another peppermint health benefits is to ease these symptoms. Peppermint oil is beneficial for various purposes. But, at the same time, you must know that sometimes peppermint oil can trigger menstruation so it is advised to avoid it during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and want to enjoy the benefits of peppermint, you should ask your doctor before taking peppermint in any form for any reason.

  1. Relieve clogged sinuses 

The antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint make it one of the beneficial remedies to relieve clogged sinuses. If you drink peppermint tea regularly, you will experience great relief from clogged sinuses, common cold, and allergies.

As per one research, menthol, one of the active compounds present in peppermint, is a great remedy to improve the airflow in your naval cavity. Another way is to take steam from peppermint tea as it also helps in breathing easily.

You can also consume warm liquids, like chicken broth and tea, as they are found to be quite effective in temporarily improving the symptoms of sinus congestion. There is certain evidence that proves that peppermint tea may have great effects on nasal congestion and give you easy breathing.

  1. Help in dental problems

Here is no doubt that one of the valuable peppermint benefits is to freshen your breath. The antimicrobial properties of peppermint play a great role in killing many of the mouth bacteria that cause bad breath.  

As per some studies, it has been found that peppermint oil is effective in killing oral pathogens and makes it an ideal applicant for an oral antiseptic. The cooling and numbing effect of peppermint oil also helps in providing relief after undergoing minor dental procedures. It is also helpful in alleviating pain, along with providing antibacterial protection.

At the same time, there is no evidence that peppermint can reduce dental plaque or ease gum inflammation caused by gum diseases.

  1. Improve energy

If you are looking for peppermint health benefits, you must know that peppermint tea is also beneficial in improving energy levels and can also be used to reduce daytime tiredness. As per the research, it is found that natural compounds present in peppermint bring great benefits to your energy levels.

In one study, a few healthy young people were given peppermint oil capsules, while other people got nothing. The people who consumed peppermint oil capsules experienced less fatigue than those with nothing.

In another study, it was found that peppermint oil aromatherapy helps in reducing the incidence of daytime sleepiness.

  1. Relieve menstrual cramps

As we said earlier, peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant, which makes it a great remedy to get relief from menstrual cramps. In one study, around 100 women with painful periods were asked to take peppermint extract capsules. It was found that they experienced a reduction in the intensity and duration of menstrual pain. Here, it has acted as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

As per the peppermint benefits, it is believed that peppermint tea may also have similar effects as peppermint extract capsules.

  1. Fight bacterial infections

The antibacterial properties of peppermint make it a beneficial remedy to kill bacteria. Peppermint tea and peppermint oil both are effective in treating bacterial infections.

As per one study, peppermint oil is found to be effective in killing and preventing the growth of common food-borne bacteria. It is also beneficial in killing various types of bacteria that result in illnesses in humans. It also includes pneumonia-linked bacteria, which means peppermint oil can be used to fight against bacteria causing pneumonia.

In addition to this, in some studies, it is found that peppermint is also helpful in reducing various types of bacteria found in your mouth. Here menthol acts as the best antibacterial compound to kill bacteria.

  1. Help in weight loss

Are you trying to reduce weight loss? Have you tried different methods but got no results? No worries. You can drink peppermint tea as one of the smart choices to lose weight. It is considered a natural calorie-free drink and has a pleasant sweet flavor.

Though there is not much research on peppermint tea on weight loss, it is believed that it may bring effects on shedding those extra pounds.

In one study, some healthy people were asked to consume peppermint oil capsules. They experienced a reduction in their appetite than those who have not taken peppermint capsules. Though more research is required on peppermint and weight loss, losing weight is still believed to be one of the peppermint health benefits.

  1. Improve concentration

Do you know that drinking peppermint tea can also help in improving your ability to concentrate and focus on anything you are doing? It is also one of the peppermint benefits that we can’t ignore.

When there was research on the effects of peppermint tea on concentration, it was found that people who consume peppermint tea are more likely to put focus on their work than those who didn’t receive peppermint tea. In one study, people who were given peppermint oil capsules had performed better on cognitive tests than those who received nothing.

Another study found that if you smell peppermint oil, it will help improve memory and alertness compared to those who used another popular essential oil.

  1. Improve digestion

Along with giving relief to an upset stomach, other peppermint health benefits also include regulating digestion. If you consume peppermint tea regularly, you will experience improved digestion and keep everything running smoothly. One study showed that peppermint tea has the ability to move gas throughout the body, which in turn relieves the feeling of bloating and cramps.

Menthol, a compound in peppermint tea, is a great remedy to increase bile in the stomach and also helps in digesting foods more efficiently. Moreover, peppermint tea is also beneficial in reducing the symptoms of diarrhea and constipation and makes your digestive system work optimally. 

Menthol works by relaxing the muscles in the digestive tract. Thus, it makes peppermint tea a great choice for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

  1. Reduce fever

One of the main compounds found in peppermint is menthol, which is believed to be quite helpful in breaking a fever. If you drink a hot cup of peppermint tea, it induces sweating, which will lower the temperature. You can also drink more fluids to encourage detoxification so that your body will be able to eliminate the cause of your cold, flu, and fever.

Being a natural muscle relaxant, menthol is also helpful in reducing aches that come along with high fevers.

  1. Reduce stress

One of the effective peppermint benefits is to reduce stress. Peppermint tea is common in aromatherapy and helps greatly in increasing overall wellbeing and peace. Peppermint tea contains sedative qualities that work effectively in helping you feel fresh after a long hectic day.

Peppermint has anti-inflammatory properties that also help in reducing blood pressure and give you calmness. If you consume a hot cup of peppermint tea, it lowers your body temperature and enables your body to relax. Thus, reduce any inflammation. 

As it is caffeine-free, so you can drink peppermint tea at any time without any worry of insomnia. Due to the lack of caffeine, peppermint can be used for relaxation and stress relief.

  1. Promotes healthy skin and hair

Peppermint is not only used in oral products; it can also be found in various skincare products. It can also be used to promote a healthy scalp. Peppermint benefits on skin and hair encourage people to use products containing peppermint as one of the ingredients.

If you are dealing with dandruff, peppermint can help treat dandruff and also reduce itchiness and soothe dry scalps. To get the best results, you can wash your hair with peppermint tea and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo.

The anti-inflammatory properties also help in reducing redness caused by acne and also prevent the buildup of bacteria that cause clogged pores. The soothing effects of peppermint are quite helpful in treating skin rashes and itchy bug bites.

How to brew peppermint tea?

You can use tea bags, dried peppermint leaf teas, or fresh leaves to prepare peppermint tea.

  • If you have fresh peppermint leaves, you have to grind them a bit to get the real flavors. If you are using loose leaf teas, you have to use an infuser and if you are going to use tea bags, prepare the tea as instructed on the bag.
  • Like other herbal teas, peppermint tea is also consumed with hot water, not with boiling water. First, bring water to boil and allow it to cool for 1-2 minutes before pouring into a cup.
  • Now, you have to steep peppermint tea for 5-10 minutes, depending on what type of tea leaves you are using. For fresh peppermint leaves, you have to steep them for a few extra minutes. The best way is to keep your container covered. Always keep in mind that the longer you steep, the more flavors you will get.

Peppermint health benefits are a bonus in addition to the great flavor. Drinking tea can help in improving overall health and also works great in preventing stomach diseases.

Final words

The natural compounds present in peppermint leaves are effective in giving various health benefits. Several studies have also found the benefits of peppermint oil and its extracts.
The major peppermint benefits include improving digestion, focus, and concentration, and also freshen your breath. Peppermint tea is a delicious and naturally sweet beverage that can be consumed daily at any time of the day.