Many times we regret something we did earlier and wish we had not done that. But it is not possible to go back and correct it. The feeling is the same for a permanent tattoo. Once the ink gets imprinted on the skin, it is not going to get off for life. Permanent tattoos are a fashion trend among the youth and many other age groups too. 

The art of tattoos is a hype all over the world and so is its removal. Previously, when there were no methods found to remove permanent tattoos, it seemed troublesome to get one. Just in case you got bored of the old one or regretted having that tattoo on a whim, there was no way to erase it. But, now there are multiple ways to remove that tattoo you do not want anymore.

There are many harmful effects of tattoos and removal of tattoos and a lot of people who get tattoos done report side effects. But still a large number of people are fond of tattoos and get them done. We have a few after effects and home remedies for tattoo removal noted down below that you can give a try.

What are Tattoos and Tattoo Removal?

Inking or tattooing is just another form of art. Just the canvas for this art is your body! The rising trend of tattoos is not at all a recent one. Tattoos have been around from the older times and are advancing with each generation passing. The tattoos before were only in colors like black or red. But now there is a wide palette to choose from. Although the authenticity and safety of these colors needs to be confirmed, there is no solid way to test it yet.

Tattoos and tattoo artists are greatly admired among today’s population. The art form and the art may have its own meaning for every other person. For some it may be fun, while others might have a sentimental value attached to it. The designs and creativity in tattoos is also something that can never fail to awe you. However, these pretty art strokes come with a price too. Customers who got tattoos done often report facing skin issues later on. There have been skin allergies, infections, scarring, medical complications and many other underlying problems that surface later on. Removal of tattoos comes with a similar cost in terms of money, pain and scars.

There are three methods to remove tattoos, that is, laser, surgical and home remedies. The most famous and commonly used method is lasers since it is the most convenient method. This method may be expensive and requires various sittings but is the most effective method. You can also try the home remedies for tattoo removal if you do not want to spend too much time and money on just a tattoo. Though the working of these methods is not guaranteed, you need to try for yourself to see what works well for you.


What To Expect From Tattoo Removal

Both getting a tattoo done and removed are equally painful and should be thought about before doing any of the both. Although there are various methods to remove that tattoo you do not want anymore, there are some things you need to make your mind for before going for any of the methods. Inking your skin has its own pains to bring along with the regretful artwork.

The Better the Quality, The Harder to Remove

You may have waited in a long line and emptied your pocket to get that spectacular art on your body from the best tattoo artist. The advantage to this can be the good quality of the tattoo. But to look at the other side, the tattoo is going to be difficult to remove since it is deep in your skin and is of very high quality.

Some Colors are Tough to Remove

The various colours on your tattoo may look attractive for now. But when you no longer want to keep the tattoo, these colours will be hard to remove. The easiest colours to remove are black, red and blue. Orange, pink, purple, brown and yellow are on a tougher side to remove even through laser. The most stubborn are light blue, green, teal and all the pretty neon colours. With advancing technologies, now there are lasers that make it easier to remove these colours.

Colored tattoos

Tattoos Closer To Your Heart

Closer to the heart does not mean a meaningful tattoo or a sentimental one. Those would be awesome too, but the implication was towards the body parts where you can get tattoos. According to researchers, it would be better to get tattoos closer to your heart or where your larger blood vessels are located. This makes the tattoos easy to remove. Getting tattoos in such places like your knuckle, hand, feet and ankles are the most difficult to remove.

Aftereffects of Tattoo Removal

If you are planning to get your tattoo removed, be prepared to face the consequences it brings along. You can expect some pain and scarring to occur for a certain time period when you get your tattoo removed. Even with the most advanced technology, there may be some physical residue left for a while.

Easy Home Remedies for Tattoo Removal 

Having the ink removed through technology may be expensive for most of the people and the after effects are another aspect to be considered. No one wants a scar on their body just because of an unwanted tattoo. There are a few home remedies for tattoo removal that can be tried in place of the laser. 

Honey with Aloe Vera, Yogurt and Salt

This home-made concoction is a wonderful remedy for your unwanted tattoos. It is one of the natural home remedies for tattoo removal you can use without much effort. The ingredients are all natural and beneficial for the skin so there are less chances of any side effects.

You can mix aloe vera pulp with some honey, yogurt and salt. After, you clean the area of application, massage the area with the mixture. This mixture may not have an instant effect and would require several applications before the tattoo fades. But since the mix is natural, it does not leave any scars on the skin.

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Lemon And Salt

This tattoo removal method is all natural and safe to use. Lemon juice has bleaching properties and salt is made up of sodium and chlorine too.  The salt penetrates into the skin and fades the ink of the tattoo. The lemon juice contains Vitamin C that can nourish the skin. You can squeeze a lemon and mix it with salt. With a cotton ball, dab around the area where the tattoo is. You need to continue rubbing the tattoo for almost half an hour to one hour for this method to work. By the end, the skin will get sore so this method needs to be used with care. Also know Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Lemons

Lemon and salt- home remedies for tattoo removal

Apricot Scrub and Salt

This home remedy for tattoo removal is all natural and safe to use. Apricot is known for being a good body scrub as it removes dirt and cleans the pores. Firstly rub the salt on the tattooed area so that it penetrates the skin, then scrub with apricot. This method does not help to completely get rid of the tattoo but the ink fades over time. Hence this remedy is only partially effective but is usable.

Home-Made Tattoo Removal Cream

Creams that can help you remove tattoos are also available around the market. These creams can also be used in place of lasers since you can get your hands on one easily.

Otherwise, you can make a simple tattoo removal cream at home yourself. The fresh and natural ingredients will be much safer than the marketed creams. For this, you need 1 tablespoons of fresh Paederia tomentosa juice and two capsules of Vitamin E capsules. Add some aloe vera to it and you are done. Apply this paste to your tattoo and massage it well for some time. Later wash it with lukewarm water.

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Wrecking Balm

Wrecking balms are great home remedies for tattoo removal without any side effects or pain. All you need to do is rub them against the unwanted tattoo. The catch is, this method requires a lot of time, patience and bottles of balm. The tattoo takes time to fade away and needs many sessions before disappearing. These balms are available in the market but are on the expensive side. However, the balm also nourishes your skin in the process and is totally worth it.

Conceal with Make-Up

A good concealer in makeup can hide almost all the marks. If you cannot make up your mind for either surgical, laser or home remedies but do not want the tattoo either, then this little trick can help you out here.

These concealers are stronger than regular makeup and are specially designed to hide tattoos completely. They are available in the market and can be used by the time you decide how to get rid of your regretful tattoo. This can be the most inexpensive and painless home remedies for tattoo removal for you.

Make up- home remedies for tattoo removal

Final Words

These home remedies may be an alternative to laser but the optimal idea would be to consult a known tattoo removal clinic before trying any of these methods. The effects and the cost and other factors may need to be considered, so it is best to ask an expert. Since permanent tattoos are deep into the skin, the best option would be the laser but it comes with its own backdrops.

Now, you have several options to choose from to get rid of that regretful tattoo in a less painful and inexpensive way. Not all these tricks may work. But, you can still try your luck and see what works well for you out of these home remedies for tattoo removal.