In a sinus headache, you will feel a throbbing pain in your head and pressure around your eyes, cheeks, and forehead. Additionally, there will be swelling of the nose lining – the main reason we feel pain and pressure in the face and head. 

The common symptoms of sinus headache are: 

  • Excruciating headache
  • Pain that is associated with congestion from a common cold 
  • pain around your whole face from your eyes, forehead to over your teeth 
  • Is is worse in the morning and significantly worse when you bend over. 

Some of the home remedies for sinus headaches and dizziness can help you reduce the swelling, thin mucus and improve the drainage of the sinus. Some of the more natural methods of relieving sinus pain that reduce swelling, thin mucus secretions, and improve sinus drainage are often very helpful. These home remedies will help you by providing immediate relief from its symptoms. 

home remedies for sinus headache

Home Remedies for Sinus Headache that are Best

What follows are some of the best home remedies for sinus headaches: 

Buy a Neti Pot 

A neti pot is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment if you are suffering from a sinus headache, as it will help you keep the mucus moist and relieve pressure in the sinuses. The device looks like the lamp of Aladdin. It is a small pot with a long spout, and you can buy it online. 

What follows are steps to use a neti pot: 

  • First of all, wash your hands.
  • Now, pour sterile water into the pot. 
  • Stand near a sink and lean directly over it. 
  • Then, tilt your head sideways. 
  • Now, gently insert the spout into your highest nostril. 
  • Make sure you breathe through the mouth while doing this. 
  • Then, pour the water into the nostril. 
neti pot home remedies for sinus headache

The poured water will run from one nostril to another, which should flush out the pollen, bacteria, and other debris from your nose. Repeat this process on both nostrils. This procedure is considered one of the best home remedies for sinus headaches and dizziness. 

However, it would help if you use sterile or distilled water, which can be bought from a pharmacy. Tap water can be full of bacteria and may worsen the infection. If you don’t have an option, boil the tap water and let it cool and use. 

At first, you may feel that using a neti pot is tricky, but you will use it with aplomb with patience and practice. You can also add salt into the distilled water to help you clear out mucus effectively. 

Use Steam 

During pregnancy, you cannot use all the remedies for sinus headaches. However, steam is considered one of the safest home remedies for sinus headaches during pregnancy as it involves no risk at all. Additionally, it can warm up and moisturize your sinus passageways.

Inhaling the steam will help you soothe the sinus tissue and give you the feeling of clear nasal pathways in no time at all! All you have to do is stand in the shower or sit in the bathroom when you are taking a hot shower. You can also use a warm washcloth over your nose and cheeks while lying in your bed. 

However, if you are looking for one of the most potent ways to use steam as home remedies for sinus headache and dizziness, then: 

  • First of all, boil a pot of water. 
  • Then, take it off the heat, put a towel over your head, and bend over the pot to inhale the steam. 
  • However, make sure that you maintain a safe distance from the hot water and keep your eyes closed. 
  • Inhale the steam until the water is still hot. Move a little close when the liquid cools. 
  • Do this twice a day for instant relief from the sinus headache. 
Steam home remedies for sinus headache

You can also add a drop or two of essential oils as eucalyptus oil can help you open the nasal pathway, while essential oils like lavender or chamomile will help you calm yourself. Also you can use pine or rosemary oil with peppermint oil to add freshness to your steaming session. 

You can also purchase a steam vaporizer from the market that uses electricity to boil water and create steam. However, you need to be careful while using this device as the water will be scorching hot, and steam can scald you if not used carefully.  

OTCs Can Help You With Pain 

If natural home remedies have not worked well for you, then you can take the help of OTC medications. These medicines are considered one of the best home remedies for sinus headaches and dizziness. To narrow down the blood vessels, you can use OTC decongestants, such as pseudoephedrine (Sudafed), as they can relieve sinus symptoms. 

If you want medicine for inflammation and swelling, you can try Sudafed too, as it will improve drainage flow. However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, ask your doctor before taking this medicine. You can take Coricidin HBP – a particular medication was invented to relieve cold and sinus problems in people with high blood pressure.

You can take the following medicines to deal with the pain caused by a buildup of pressure in the nasal passages:

  • Aspirin 
  • Acetaminophen 
  • Ibuprofen 

If an allergic reaction causes nasal congestion, antihistamines may help block inflammation.

Aspirin home remedies for sinus headache

However, these medications should not be treated as home remedies for sinus headaches during pregnancy without talking to the doctor. 

Amazing Acupressure

Traditional Chinese procedures are yet to be explored, but some of them are very helpful in treating hosts of health conditions, including sinus headaches. One such procedure is acupressure, where pressure is applied to specific bodies to soothe pain or relieve various symptoms of illnesses. 

You can use acupressure to treat various health conditions like colds, flu, and sinus problems. You can try it at home or take professional help. However, be careful because applying too much pressure can cause pain or discomfort.

To use acupressure for sinus pressure: 

  • Form a cup by linking the fingers of both hands together. 
  • Now, use these linked hands to cradle the back of the head, where your neck and skull join
  • Then, extend your thumbs and find the dips on both sides of your spine 
  • Use the thumbs to massage that area in small circles
  • Relax and breathe slowly and deeply while massaging 
  • Do this process for around 10 seconds at a time 

You can also use fingertips to massage the cheeks and bridges of the nose, as massaging can help you get rid of the sinus pressure. However, make sure to do a firm but gentle massage. 

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Use Essential Oils 

Essential oils are very effective home remedies for sinus headaches during pregnancy as their aroma will keep the mind fresh while helping you deal with the pain simultaneously. These oils are derived from plants and are recommended by various doctors to relieve sinus pressure. 

Menthol is one such essential oil that can help you create a sensation that will help you clear the nasal passage. To use it, add a few drops of menthol oil to hot water and gently breathe in the steam through your nose. 

You can buy it online or can get these types of oils from grocery or medical stores. However, make sure that you purchase these oils from a reliable place. 

Essential Oil

Do Yoga 

If you are suffering from sinus headaches, certain yoga poses can help you feel better without putting too much pressure on your sinuses. One such pose is cobbler’s pose. 

Here is a guide that will help you with the steps: 

  • First, place a rolled-up blanket under your back and lie on your bed or floor. 
  • Now, bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together. The knees will be in a bit of shape. 
  • Now, relax your arms to your sides and remain in this position for as long as you can. 
  • Repeat this procedure for a few minutes. 

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Now, we have seen home remedies for sinus headaches. Let’s see some preventive steps you can take to avoid this severe pain. 

Take Help of Antibiotics 

This home remedy for sinus headaches is the last resort, and you should only try it if your symptoms don’t improve even after a few weeks. This will suggest that you may have a bacterial infection and should visit your doctor. 

If symptoms like runny nose, congestion, cough, persistent facial pain, eye swelling, or fever do not improve within a couple of weeks, then you may have to undergo antibiotic therapy. 

If you are taking antibiotics, then make sure you complete the course as stopping the therapy in-between can allow the bacteria to fester and cause more discomfort. 

Preventive Steps to Take to Avoid Sinus Headache

  • Avoid various triggering activities like smoking, secondhand smoking, and protect yourself from pollution. 
  • Purchase a humidifier to moisten the air of your bedroom. 
  • Don’t forget to exercise.
  • Keep your allergies under control. 
  • Avoid upper respiratory infections by minimizing contact with a person who has colds or other respiratory illnesses. 

Final Words 

Sinus headaches are one of the most discomforting and painful conditions. It will cause you unbearable pain and take away your ability to work and do your daily chores properly. With the help of these home remedies for sinus headaches, you can avoid severe pain and live your life peacefully.