Succumbing to lung cancer can be painful, and while there exists no exact cure for it, there are still certain mediums that you can use to relieve some of the symptoms. These natural remedies for lung cancer may not show effects in the same way they may do for two different people, but they can surely help in various ways.

Making these remedies work for you could require another person’s help, preferably a professional medical expert, for monitoring the changes and improvements periodically. They may also help you by offering you adjacently alternative remedies that can collectively help you gain better results.

But before you proceed to learn about the remedies, you should responsibly understand that none of them serves as a replacement for the actual medical attention that should be given to a certified lung cancer patient. However, using these remedies may serve to decrease the chances of a person contracting lung cancer.

Home Remedies for Lung Cancer Suppression

If you might think that there’s not plenty that you can do to save yourself against the onset of Lung Cancer, then you’re partially wrong. Although this condition has also affected people who abstain from consuming tobacco in rare cases, a person can still minimize the chances of contracting this condition to a particular extent.

Make a habit of following or utilizing the below-mentioned home remedies for lung cancer prevention, and you may as well experience the positive results in some time.


The chlorogenic compound found in cancer medicines is responsible for limiting blood flow in the blood vessels that then helps with starving the tumor. Carrots, too, evidently carry this compound in ample quantities, thereby establishing itself as a good source of supporting cancer prevention.

carrots Home remedies for lung cancer

Either by cooking the carrots or eating them raw, you can provide your body with this type of solution without too much hassle. Additionally, even potatoes, strawberries, pineapples, and apples carry this compound, so be sure to get them all in adequate quantities.


The lung cancer cells are big on expansion, and they will not refrain from using whichever opportunities they get for invasion. One way you can restrict this from happening or limit their momentum is by supplying your body with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and immune-boosting substances.

Turmeric Home remedies for lung cancer

Turmeric is known to contain a compound called curcumin that can serve in all three ways mentioned above. Ingesting turmeric with milk or mixing the former in foods such as curry can produce remarkable results as one of the home remedies for lung cancer suppression. Turmeric also has Many More Health Benefits.


Although ginger is globally known to be a good metabolism boosting agent, you may also use it to treat any chronic pains. A patient diagnosed with cancer or a regular human being can use this solution to minimize pain, while this root also adds up to offer another benefit.

Ginger Home remedies for lung cancer

Ginger consumption can prevent the metastasizing of cancerous cells in other parts of the body, which is incredibly useful when treating the early stages of cancer. The same can also support building a stronger immunity against cancer spreading agents.

Green Tea

Green tea being a primary solution to prevent various ailments, it is known to further play a significant role among the numerous collectively natural remedies for lung cancer control. Besides magnifying the effects of particular compounds present in a typical drug for cancer treatment, consuming green tea daily at regular intervals will also boost the body in developing an average immunity.

Doing so over multiple months will help advance the epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) effects and theaflavin compounds present in the drug for cancer, which is responsible for killing cancer cells.

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For a person who may be under severe chemotherapy or doesn’t mind eating seafood, the world is their oyster, literally. This food contains high levels of zinc which is directly helpful to the compounds used in the chemotherapy. Moreover, a deficiency of zinc in the body could also lead to a weakened immune system.

Oyster Home remedies for lung cancer

Thus, to proceed to maintain the immune system balance of your body to its best possible state, consuming oysters can benefit greatly. However, it may not be so if you have allergies, in which case you can pick certain cereals for breakfast that can help raise zinc levels.

Tomato Sauce

People who follow the habit of consuming tomato ketchup more so often but lesser than what can be considered a problem are unknowingly helping their bodies fight off cancer causes. The popularly delicious tomato sauce makes it to the home remedies for lung cancer control list because it has multiple uses.

The compound called lycopene is present in tomato sauces. It is responsible for delivering these effects, such as a decrease in the division of lung cancer cells, promoting apoptosis, suppressing the spread of cancerous cells in the body, and so on.

Flax Seeds

To improve your cells’ condition and protect them from becoming cancerous cells, the consumption of flax seeds has shown promising results. Beyond serving their usefulness to the people suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, these seeds can also cause to lead an attack on the cancerous cells, which is possible due to the compound called lignans present inside them.

Therefore, a diet that incorporates flax seeds can present fruitful results for lung cancer patients while also supporting healthy cellular growth for people who don’t have this condition.


The multiple types of berries available in the market possess the capacity to assist cancer patients with inducing apoptosis that can help control cancer. The primary reason why these fruits are valued among the home remedies for lung cancer is due to the anthocyanidins substances present in their chemistry.

This compound is known to contain delphinidin which plays a significant role in limiting the growth of tumors as well as in preventing the development of cancerous blood vessels in the lungs and the body. Apart from these benefits, berries such as cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries also help prevent blood clotting.

Red Grape Juice

During the process of treating cancer patients with known medications, it has been found that the cancer cells can act sentiently by resisting the treatments. It ultimately makes seeking alternate treatments a necessity. However, the Resveratrol compound present in the red vine or the red grape juice can prevent such cancer cells’ behavior.

Another reason why red grape juice can be known to serve as one of the natural remedies for lung cancer is to ease off the feeling of consuming a restrictive diet when you have it with blueberries and dark chocolate.


The favorite seafood of many also holds a place in this list for a good reason. Apart from adding flavor to an otherwise bland diet, the salmon is rife with vitamin D, whose constituents support better blood circulation and suppression of cancerous cells in the lungs.

Salmon Home remedies for lung cancer

The D3 vitamin present in the fish can supply ample nutrition to the body, which is otherwise not easily obtained from the environment other than allowing the body to absorb the direct sunlight found outdoors.


To be counted among the home remedies for lung cancer, the pear fruit must promise substantial benefits, and it does so too. It is disputed whether a person can parallelly use this fruit to treat non-minor lung cancers with medications in the upcoming decade. But, it is possible that it may happen because of the phloretin compound present in this fruit.

This compound does both, improves the effects of cancer medicines on the target cells, and promotes apoptosis of the cancerous cells, which can then also help reduce fibrosis in the lungs.

Using Natural Remedies for Lung Cancer Discomfort Treatment

Besides making changes to your diet, using natural remedies for lung cancer suppression will also involve specific lifestyle changes. These remedies, too, can help with combatting cancer in their accords. To make the most out of these remedies, consult with your oncologist to accommodate these routines in your treatment plan.


The treatment for cancer strains the body severely. The respective medications concerning the treatment could make a person feel lifeless due to its effects which can easily cause a sour mood. To rather restore your fitness in such a situation, one of the home remedies for lung cancer is hiring some health professional’s advice on the activity of doing yoga.

Yoga Home remedies for lung cancer

This form of exercise is known throughout history to assist with breathing and relaxation. Performing yoga therapy in an ideal manner that does not exert too much of your body can deliver you benefits such as fatigue and stress reduction, lower anxiety and depression, and fight off some other chemotherapy symptoms.

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Massage Therapy

People who may have early stages of lung cancer or who may have severe health conditions due to the advanced cancer stages are dutifully offered special massage therapy. It is done to alleviate their pain and other symptoms that show effects when medications for cancer are taken regularly to inhibit cancerous cells’ growth.

Massage Therapy

It can be considered one of the natural remedies for lung cancer because it requires no use of special medications and can be utilized in a generic, comfortable environment. The effects of regularly obtaining supportive massages can deliver these common results that include stress management, alertness restoration, pain, and anxiety reduction.

On the other hand, the particular type of oncology massage delivered by a professional offers additional benefits such as showing promising fatigue prevention and neuropathic relaxation, constipation solution, and mood improvement.


Often patients may feel disillusioned by the reality of may have similar experiences when they are undergoing treatment for their lung cancer. The harsh response of the medications acting on the existing or developing cancer cells could further make a person focus less on recovery and more on pain and suffering.

Such an attitude is natural, but it can work detrimentally, so the patients may often be offered hypnosis treatment. When most home remedies for lung cancer cannot produce the desired results in certain cases, having a hypnosis session can instead show better results. But, it is noteworthy to learn that one should only seek out to get these sessions from a professional that your oncologist recommends.

Since the hypnotic sessions’ major benefits are aiming to help with treating nausea, pain management, and anxiety management, it should be established that you may or may now want to dwell on certain things that rob you of the little peace you discover during the ongoing treatments.

Medical Marijuana

Arguably one of the most useful natural remedies for lung cancer can be the consumption of medical Marijuana, which is why it has been legalized in a limited capacity in several places across the world. Against the previously believed taboo regarding this substance, a few studies have shown that consumption of Marijuana can offer multiple benefits to someone who might suffer from early or advanced stages of lung cancer.

First off, the benefits include helping to correct the loss of appetite and the feeling of nausea and reducing the feeling of retching and anxieties. It can also help ease neurological pain and gain all of these benefits due to the cannabinoids present in Marijuana.

Though the cannabinoids are known to work like a drug, they can effectively help the patient feel pleasant, which is crucial to making any remedies and medications work better.

Final Words

These natural remedies for lung cancer should be taken or practiced in moderation to get the best results. If it is required, do consider consulting a fitness professional and a food nutritionist to better plan your lifestyle around the habits that support the prevention of lung cancer.

Remember, these remedies don’t serve as a substitute for medical treatments, but they rather better help to play a supportive role.