Lower back pain is one of the most common and hurtful physical ailments that affect many people worldwide. 

You can suffer lower back pain due to anything as you may have sprained it while working in the house or cleaning your backyard. You can also get it from an old sports injury or due to a chronic condition such as arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.

If you are suffering from sudden or severe back pain, you should visit your doctor or a therapist. It is one of the widespread conditions as lower back pain causes more global disability than any other condition. According to a study, 80 percent of people have suffered from this condition at least once in their life. 

The reason is simple – your lower back muscle and spine support much of the body’s weight. Additionally, it is one of the most used muscles as we use it for everyday movements like sitting, standing, and walking.

To deal with this condition, you can take OTC medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, as they can help you deal with the pain. However, if you want to try natural remedies for lower back pain, some of the following treatments can help you. 

Effective Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain that Actually Work 

What follows are some of the best natural remedies for lower back pain. You can try these remedies to deal with this painful condition and get relief from the pain and discomfort caused by this condition. 

Consume Anti-Inflammatory Drinks 

Consuming anti-inflammatory foods, several antioxidants, and anti-cancer agents, you can build immunity against various diseases, including back pain. Over a while, these potent agents can play a huge role in fighting and preventing inflammatory reactions in the body.

Try to consume these drinks every day to reduce your back pain: 

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a wonder herb that you will easily find in your kitchen and possesses antioxidants, anti-arthritic, and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the best ways to add turmeric to your diet is to drink turmeric milk. Add a small quantity of turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk. 

Drink this turmeric milk just before you go to sleep to allow the anti-inflammatory process to work its wonders while you sleep. Dairy products can also increase inflammation in some people. So, you can try plant-based milk such as almond milk or oat milk.

Turmeric Milk home remedies for lower back pain

Tart Cherry Juice

Cherries are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and can help you relieve muscle pain, regardless of chronic or exercise-induced. You can purchase cherry juice from grocery stores as they usually contain cherry extract. Consume a glass of cherry juice every day and see its positive effects on lower back pain. 

Cherry Juice home remedies for lower back pain

Ginger-Green Tea

This herbal drink is one of the best home remedies for lower back pain, as ginger and green tea are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients also contain pain-relieving compounds that can benefit you to treat your unbearable lower back pain. You can buy this ginger-green tea from grocery stores and enjoy them at work or home. 

Avoid Smoking 

According to research, people who smoke are four times more likely to go through degenerative disk diseases or spine problems than nonsmokers. Nicotine and other tobacco products can harm your spinal bones and remove essential nutrients from the spongy disks that cushion your joints. 

So, if you are looking for one of the best home remedies for your lower back, stop smoking. 

Be Active 

For treating acute back pain, bed rest was often considered mandatory. However, doctors will ask you to do some usual activities and try to avoid extended periods of bed rest. One of the most effective natural remedies for lower back pain is staying active, be it acute or chronic. 

Regular walking and avoiding long periods of sitting can help you deal with the pain. Even if it is painful, try to walk for a few minutes. Also, don’t forget to stretch gently before you start your everyday regime. Being inactive and sedentary will allow the muscles around the spine and in the back to become weak, which, in turn, can lead to less support for the spine and can lead to long-time pain. 

Stay Active

However, make sure you talk to your doctor before starting any activities that can further strain your back, like heavy lifting or twisting. Ask for some easy exercises you can do at your home.


Stretching is widely regarded as one of the most effective home remedies for lower back pain. This is because it will prepare your back to deal with the strain that it experiences throughout the day. However, keep one thing in mind: stretching should feel sweet and not painful.

Stretching exercises are best for people who are suffering from persistent lower back pain. These sweet exercises will help people with back pain restore muscles and protect them from future pain. You can try some of these activities that are known to reduce symptoms:

  • Walking on flat ground
  • Standing backbends
  • Cobra pose
  • Press-ups

Tai Chi 

A slow martial art that involves doing slow and graceful movements along with meditation and deep breathing is known as Tai chi. Various studies have supported this claim and suggested that tai chi can help people with lower back pain to some degree.

You can use various props like tape, straps, or stretchy bands to keep your spine in alignment in tai chi. While doing these exercises, aim to keep your head in the center over your pelvis. Make sure you don’t slouch your shoulders or crane your chin forward. 

If you work on a screen on a daily basis, then rest your arms evenly on the table or desk and keep your eyes level with the top of the screen. Also, don’t forget to get up from your chair, stretch and walk regularly.

Tai Chi home remedies for lower back pain

The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a type of therapy that will help you improve your posture and eliminate bad habits like slouching, which can lead to back pain, muscle tension, and reduced mobility. A study conducted in 2012 suggested that this technique is indeed one of the best home remedies for lower back pain and can help you deal with chronic pain. 

Bathe in Warm Pool 

The buoyancy of the water will allow you to exercise without feeling too much pain, as exercising in water helps you regulate the functioning of nerves and muscles. It will also reduce muscle and lower back pain and help you exercise more with less pain. 

Look for water exercise classes to learn some easy ones you can try at your home’s pool. The best temperature of the pool is 83 degrees to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Soothe Your Pain with Hot and Cold Compress 

Hot and cold compresses are the most underrated natural remedies for lower back pain, as people often underestimate their effects. Cold therapy will not help you deal with lower back pain but will also help you reduce inflammation. 

You can use ice in a cloth, a pack of frozen peas, or a cold gel pack as a cold compress. However, make sure that you keep one layer between your skin and the ice pack to prevent frostbite and skin damage. 

On the other hand, a hot compress can improve blood flow, relax your muscles, and help you with pain. You can find many types of hot compresses in the market. Try several of them and choose the best that works best for you. You can also take a natural bath, have a soaking session in a hot tube, or use a heating pad or wrap to provide your lower back with some warmth. 

Whether you use a hot or cold compress, do them in 15 to 20 minutes sessions and then follow it with a 2 hours break in between to protect your skin. Do not sleep with a hot or ice compress as it can cause permanent skin damage. 

If you are suffering from swelling or inflammation, then choose a cold compress. If you are bothered by stiff or tight muscles and want to relax, use a hot compress.

Keep a Good Posture

Most people who suffer from lower back pain spend most of the day sitting down and working a desk job. This way is more harmful than you think. However, you can minimize this harm by maintaining a good posture. 

A correct posture will mean that all the bones in your spine will be lined up neatly, like perfectly aligned blocks. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your computer within your reach so you don’t need to lean forward or slump. Hence, keeping a good posture can be one of the most effective home remedies for lower back pain. 

Good Posture

You can correct your posture with the help of various apps and devices. You can also correct your posture by: 

  • Avoiding excessive sitting or using a standing desk at work. When you sit down for an extended period, the pressure on spinal discs increases. So, get up and walk a little every few hours to take the load off your discs.
  • Check your posture and align your neck, shoulder, and back to prevent stress on your spine. Bad, unsupported posture can harm your spine and can lead to back injury and increased pain. 
  • Doing the same exercises every day can get your muscles and joints over-fatigued. So, rotate activities as it will prevent your muscles from fatiguing. For example, if you are sitting and working for some time, try to change the action and choose an activity to stand up. You can go back to sitting once muscles and joints are relaxed. 

The BalneoTherapy 

One of the oldest therapies and most effective home remedies for lower back pain – balneotherapy is hydrotherapy that involves bathing in mineral or warm water. This is one of the most popular therapies in Europe for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

Final Words 

Lower back pain is one of the most bothersome pain you will experience as it can affect your ability to do your daily tasks. Hence, you can try the aforementioned home remedies for lower back pain and get yourself ready to perform your tasks without any discomfort.