People think that earache is not a severe health issue, but having it can be frustrating and make you wretched. There are several causes for your ear infection like it can be due to viral or bacterial infection, moisture or wax build-up, and allergy or even caused due to a yeast infection.

Although not all ear infections require medications, some of them can easily be treated using home remedies for earache; if you have an earache, then these natural remedies for earache can work great in freeing your ears, relieving the pain, and help a lot in naturally curing the infection.

Earache is known to cause unbearable pain. Medical care and antibiotics can work wonders for you, but it will take time, and you will have to deal with the pain continuously. Instead, you can use some of these home remedies for earache and save yourself from suffering. 

If you are suffering from throbbing and devastating earache for the first time, then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. However, there are remedies that people can use at home to relieve less severe earaches.

Before we see how we can use home remedies for earache and get rid of the unbearable pain, we need to know what can cause you an earache.

Home Remedies for earache

Causes of Earache 

There are many reasons why you are suffering from earache. However, the below-given symptoms should not be taken as self-diagnosis of your condition. If your ache is unbearable, then you should visit either a GP or ENT specialist as soon as possible. 

This list doesn’t include every possible cause, but it will cover most of the earache reasons.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are the most common reason for earache. If you feel a watery or pus-like liquid coming out from your ear, it concludes that you have earache due to an ear infection. 

The most common infection that can cause earaches is outer ear infections and middle ear infections. You may not need any treatment for infections as they clear up on their own, without needing any medical treatment at all. However, in some extreme and complicated cases, your GP may advise and prescribe you ear drops or antibiotics.

Glue Ear

When fluid build-up deep inside your ear, it will cause temporary hearing loss, and that condition is known as Glue ear. This condition is normally painless, but the pressure of that build-up fluid can cause earache. 

In a few months, this condition will clear on its own. If the problem is particularly persistent, ENT specialists will drain that fluid from your ear with the help of grommets and help you get rid of the glue ear. 

Earwax or An Object In The Ear

It would be best to clean your ear routinely, as the build-up of earwax inside the ear can sometimes cause earache. Also, if something is stuck in your or your child’s ear, it can cause throbbing pain. The best way to deal with a stuck object is to seek a medical expert without trying to remove it yourself, as it can push it further inside your ear and damage the eardrum.

Reach out to your pharmacist as he will be able to recommend ear drops that can soften the build-up of earwax in your ear, so you can remove it quickly. In complex cases, your GP will initiate the process and remove the wax by flushing the ear with water. This process is known as ear irrigation.

Throat Infection

When you face earache and find it difficult to swallow food and have a sore throat, it may indicate that you have a throat infection. Tonsillitis or quinsy are two of the most common throat infections and can cause earache.

Although, some types of tonsillitis will clear up after a few days without needing any medical help or pills. However, if you are suffering from quinsy, see your GP with any delay and seek treatment before harming you more. 

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A Problematic Jaw 

The most common reason for earache is a problem with the joint of your jaw bone. This joint is known as temporomandibular joint pain in the medical world. TMJ pain is caused due to various complications such as arthritis or teeth grinding.

You can use painkillers, warm or cold therapy, or use mouth guards to protect your jaw from teeth grinding.

A Dental Abscess

In dental abscess, your teeth and gums will be filled with pus due to oral bacterial infection. You will feel unbearable pain in your affected tooth, and that can spread to your ear and cause you an intense and throbbing earache. 

If you doubt that you have a dental abscess, then visit your dental clinic as soon as possible. Your dentists may need to remove the affected teeth and drain the pus from there to stop it from further spreading.  

Now, let’s see some natural remedies for earaches that can help you with the pain.

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Natural Remedies for Earache to Try 

Earaches can be draining, and your daily life suffers a lot due to it. The last five years have changed the medical landscape, and the prescribing guidelines for ear infections have changed significantly in that time. Your child might not even be prescribed antibiotics. 

You could try these natural remedies for earache in your home with treatments such as:

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most popular home remedies for earache, which is highly effective in soothing your pain.

A few drops of warm olive oil are enough to get relief from earache.

Make sure not to use too much warm olive oil as it may burn your eardrum, so it should be warmer as your body temperature.

You can use this remedy for children, but it is still recommended to consult your doctor before using olive oil for treating earache in children.


Besides its usage for various health issues, garlic can also be used as the best natural remedy to treat earache.

An effective compound present in garlic, Allicin, is highly beneficial in fighting against bacterial infections that may cause pain in various areas of your body, including the ears.

Home Remedies for Loose teeth- Garlic

Take a few garlic cloves and crush them to add in hot olive oil and eucalyptus oil. Insert a few drops of this mixture in the infected ear twice a day.

Eat raw garlic as it can also reduce the intense earache. 

Sleep In The Opposite Direction

Sleeping in the opposite direction of the infected ear helps reduce pressure on the ear; this can be one of the fantastic home remedies for earache.

The sleeping position plays a significant role in aggravating or alleviating an ear infection, so make sure to check your position while sleeping.

So, sleep with the affected ear towards the ceiling instead of putting pressure on the pillow. It helps in draining the ear better.

Alternatively, elevating your head using extra pillows during sleep also helps in draining the ear faster.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is widely used for various health and skin problems due to its antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

A few drops of tea tree oil may ease your ear infection, so get some warm oil and add a couple of drops in the ear.

If you are allergic to tea tree oil, it needs to be diluted in olive oil, almond oil, or any other carrier oil, something like 3-4 drops of tea tree oil in one ounce of oil.

Tea Tree Oil Home Remedies for earache

Neck Exercises

Sometimes, pain in the ear is caused due to the pressure in the ear canal, and in such a case, neck exercises are highly effective in easing the discomfort. It is a beneficial exercise to get rid of unbearable earaches.

  • Sit straight in the chair and keep your feet flat on the ground.
  • Move your head and neck in a circular motion slowly and raise your shoulders towards the ears.
  • Perform this neck exercise all through the day until you get pain relief.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has antimicrobial properties that work effectively as one of the best home remedies for earache.

This versatile remedy not only helps in relieving the pain but reduces the swelling as well if any.

Put a few drops of warm coconut oil in the ear and cover it with a cotton ball. Now, open and close your jaw to let oil reach each corner inside the ear.

Repeating this process twice a day will help a lot in alleviating the pain in the ear.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is widely known for its highly effective and faster healing process, and so will be done with ear pain as well.

Being anti-fungal in nature, you can use castor oil safely to treat your earache, take a little warm castor oil, and put a few drops in your ear. Close your ear with a cotton ball for a few minutes and clean your ear once you remove the cotton ball.

You can use this remedy two times a day.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is actively used to cure various health problems, including an earache.

It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is analgesic in nature, making it one of the beautiful home remedies for earache.

Take an equal amount of oregano oil and olive oil and mix them well. Now, apply 2-3 drops of this solution on the outer area of the affected area.

Massaging down the neck towards the back of the ear works great in draining the lymph and relieving the pain.

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Peppermint is another home remedy to reduce pain in the ear, also, is effective in alleviating irritation and itching, if any.

Take a handful of crushed peppermint leaves and steep them in a half cup of warm olive oil for a few minutes. Now, strain this mixture and add 2-3 drops of this infusion in the affected ear.

For faster results, apply this oil twice a day to heal your earache.

Home Remedies for earache - Peppermint

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apart from various health benefits, apple cider vinegar can also be used to treat ear infections.

It is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, making it one of the effective home remedies for earache, which you must use to get rid of ear pain.

Insert a few drops of apple cider vinegar into the affected area and use this remedy two times a day until you get relief from the ear pain.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that work amazingly in curing a range of health problems.

It is also an effective remedy to eliminate an earache, thus giving excellent relief from intolerable pain and irritation in the ear.

Take one teaspoon of grated ginger root and mix it well in the two tablespoons of olive oil. Let this mixture rest for about 10 minutes.

Now, add 2-3 drops of this oil into the ear canal and repeat this remedy twice a day.

Home Remedies for earache - Ginger

Onion Juice

No doubt, the use of onion is avoided by many people due to its pungent smell and tears in the eyes. However, the fact is that onion has extensive medicinal properties, which makes it one of the most effective home remedies for earache.

Take a small onion and warm or heat it in the oven to strain the juice.

Onion Juice

Now, put a few drops of onion juice in the affected area and continue this every couple of hours until you get relief from the pain.

Final Words 

An ear infection can make you irritated, but with the help of these home remedies for earache, you can cure the signs of an ear infection and get instant relief. Ensure that the treatment you are using to cure your ear pain should not be too hot as it may damage your eardrum.

If the earache persists, you must consult a specialist.