We’re living in times when taking a mere stroll can prove to be fatal for your health.  The pandemic continues to inhibit the normalcy of our existence, and it’s nobody’s guess when the world will overcome this disease. What we can do, despite all the chaos and defeating circumstances around us, is we can take precautionary measures to prevent becoming affected ourselves.

The vaccines’ trials show promise, but we’re still far away from eradicating the inconvenience that has taken the lives of many. One may think that obtaining and storing the essentials can support our existence, but these are times where we must also look outward to people whose essentials differ vastly from ours. Though we cannot provide them equal necessities of life at all times, we can at least refrain ourselves from becoming complacent in multiplying their hardships.

“Stay home, don’t go outside except for emergencies” is a motto we all need to instill in our minds besides ensuring that we reinstate our immunity to the fullest level. The latter can be done from within our indoors, too, by using the home remedies for coronavirus prevention capable of saving ourselves from losing it all.

home remedies for covid 19

Why Rely on Home Remedies for COVID 19 Virus?

The outside world is presently neither entirely safe nor all-out infectious. Thus, instead of taking chances with our life by adopting habits that jeopardize our safety, we must follow the call of logic and adjust ourselves to exist within the limited domain available to us, our home.

There’s also an absence of the reality in today’s time where vaccines can quickly impart lasting resistance to us against the coronavirus. Hence, incorporating the home remedies for coronavirus into our lifestyle can serve us better, certainly better than doing absolutely nothing about it now.

Immunity Enhancing House Remedies for Corona

There exist only three types of people after the onset of coronavirus, helpers (healthcare workers, safety workers, etc.), patients, and the rest of humans that haven’t contracted COVID. Every person belonging to either categorization must follow the guidelines and home remedies for COVID 19 best to make themselves capable of self-sustenance, allowing them to help others in need.

For convenience’s sake, the remedies are classified based on the nature of their consumption. Additional homemade remedies for coronavirus prevention are further down below for those residing in home isolation or quarantine.


These remedies will help you maintain a dietary balance while also allowing your body to build immunity against common diseases known to elevate coronavirus symptoms.


Ordering food from outside is not a viable option, but you can still keep yourself healthy while keeping your taste buds delighted. Eating rice is an excellent option in such circumstances to maintain your daily calorie count as they’re also easy to prepare. Moreover, eating rice can help with continuing the regular protein and fiber intake. Consuming them with whole grains can further help to boost your immune system, especially when you also add in turmeric.

Rice home remedies for covid 19

Dried Beans

If cooking whole meals aren’t what you find desirable, you can still maintain a healthy diet by eating dried beans. Boiling or steaming chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, peas, etc., and consuming them with mayonnaise or its equivalent can together serve to add high amounts of carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. Be sure to get them in adequate amounts as they can provide you all day round energy.


Soups are the go-to solution for all types of home remedies, for a good reason. It can contain both vegetables and whole grains, and you can cook them in any combination as long as you keep nothing uncooked. Adding ginger to your soup will add more taste and help improve your immune system because it contains antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic compounds, which also help build vitamin B12 in your body.

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Finding nourishment to brace your body against viruses isn’t limited to consuming dry foods. Eating frozen fruits and vegetables is one of the ideal home remedies for coronavirus prevention because fruits such as apple, apricot, and so on can add essential minerals such as Vitamin A, C & B to the body. Fresh vegetables are also good sources of calories and carbohydrates that contribute to improving the body’s vitality.

Frozen Fruit home remedies for covid 19

Brown Pasta

The typically available pasta is made from white flour whose regular consumption could dehydrate the body. You can prevent this by eating brown pasta, which is also a good source of fiber. Among the various ways of cooking pasta, using the ones that also make use of multiple spices can add to both taste and texture, making pasta more nutritious for daily consumption.


The remedy-based beverages given below possess natural properties that can brace a person’s body to combat the most common ailments. By consuming these beverages daily, you can improve your body’s natural ability to fight infections and other health problems.

Peppermint Tea

The essential oils present in peppermint tea are antiviral and antimicrobial, making them helpful in treating common flu and cold conditions. The tea also serves as a relaxant beyond containing minerals such as Vitamin A, VItamin C, Potassium, and Calcium. One can also drink green tea to treat gastrointestinal conditions and digestive issues in the body. Apart from this there are many Amazing Peppermint Benefits.

Peppermint Tea home remedies for covid 19

Honey Green Tea

Usually, drinking honey green tea offers abundant antioxidants to the body that are good for building up the immune system. When you also mix a spoonful of black pepper powder into the tea, you can further grow your body’s abilities to grow new white blood cells that together can soothe a sore throat and combat any flu conditions.

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Herbal Decoction

One critical reason why a decoction is considered to be among the most incredible home remedies for COVID 19 virus prevention is that it serves to support both the respiratory system as well as helps to build immunity in the body. A mix of dried ginger powder, pepper powder, tulsi leaves & palm jagger mixed in boiling water when consumed twice a day can fight off cough and dry throat, lessening the effects of any respiratory ailments.

Herbal Decoction home remedies for covid 19

Amla Green Tea

The beta carotene found in the amla fruit and the brimming vitamin C mineral present in the fruit makes it a valuable antioxidant that can help to increase the body’s immunity against common ailments. Drinking amla green tea also offers additional benefits such as reducing cholesterol levels and inhibiting diabetes, especially when consumed with ginger.


Fresh juice is the ultimate source for obtaining vital antioxidants and essential nutrients. Drinking citrus-based juices and coconut water every day helps the body get minerals and electrolytes to keep you energized and fresh. Additionally, citrus-based juices are also good for respiratory organs as they can repair the body at the cellular level because of the Vitamin C present in them.

Orange Juice home remedies for covid 19

Homemade Medicinal Remedies

Although the medicinal remedies provided below do not have a clean bill of approval from FDA, the constituents of these remedies are still considered therapeutic by numerous people worldwide. The evidence of these remedies playing their part in the betterment of the human body is undeniable all the same, and one can also trace its evidence to do the same back to the ancient texts scattered across the globe.

Special Brew

A special brew may differ from one household to another. It is commonly found to contain holy basil, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Dry Ginger, and some might even have raisins. Stewing these ingredients in water for a few minutes and then adding garlic, coriander and vegetables can add up to be a suitable replacement for heavy soups such as chicken soup that is known to contain plenty of nutrients. Consuming this brew once every two days can keep the body hydrated and healthy with essential nourishment.

Mushrooms & Soya Milk

Mushrooms are rife with fiber, proteins, and antioxidants, which are great for building the body’s immune system. The additional compounds present in mushrooms such as zinc, vitamin D, potassium make it one of the formidable home remedies for coronavirus because these substances are known to help the body develop WBC and bone strength required for staying fit and healthy.

Soya Milk home remedies for covid 19

Isolation & Quarantine Home Remedies for CoronaVirus Prevention

Whether you are quarantined at a medical facility or are living in home isolation, these easy home remedies for COVID 19 virus will serve to promote quick recovery, to say the least, if not cure you wholly altogether.


The food items named below are known to accelerate the body’s healing ability and are mentioned below with critical emphasis on the simplicity of preparing them. Be sure to cook up these beneficial dishes as they may also help you recognize their deliciousness despite losing all sensations of taste due to the effects of the COVID 19 virus.

Pulses & Grains

The loss of taste is a symptom of coronavirus, which demotivates a person from eating food. It prevents regular food consumption and induces weakness in the body. It is essential to retain bodily functions even if you are asymptomatic, and you can do so by eating cooked pulses and whole grains. They are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, and they contribute to adding both carbs and fiber to the body besides imparting a feeling of satiation after eating.

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are your best source of keeping yourself satisfied against hunger pangs and are also primary sources of fresh nutrition. Since cooking food at home is a practice you must adopt in such difficult circumstances, be sure to contain beetroot, eggplant, carrots, avocados, and other types of vegetables in your diet along with leafy vegetables.

Fish, Eggs & Meat

Consider this option only if you’re certain about acquiring them without infectious means because meat, eggs, and fish can be an incredible source of proteins. They carry essential vitamins and are rife with calories that can serve to build up energy as well as offer significant immunity to the body. Though non-veg food items cannot carry infection within them as the coronavirus only affects humans, they can transmit it, so be careful about obtaining them fresh.

Fish eggs and meat

Dairy Foods

It is not advisable to consume high-fat dairy products, but you can eat low-fat cheese, curd, and paneer as these are excellent sources of calories that promote energy. You can use these items to spice up your dishes, too, for they can contribute essential minerals such as protein, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins A, D, and B12.

Fresh Fruits

Seek ample ways to consume fresh fruits such as in salads or even by cooking them if you won’t eat them raw but consuming them will help you sustain your bodily functions for a longer time. Eat papayas, apples, plums, watermelon, bananas, and so on to keep your body satiated and fit at the same time. These fruits and others are good sources of vitamin A, C, E, Zinc phosphorous, etc. Thus, they serve to be one of the undeniable home remedies for coronavirus prevention and immunity booster.


It is understandable to feel a lack of appetite whether you’re suffering from coronavirus symptoms or are simply bored out of your wits and patience. In such times, it is still important to keep your body prepared for combating the virus internally. These beverages that are also counted among the numerous home remedies for COVID 19 virus will help you achieve the same.

Turmeric Milk

The benefits of turmeric milk are plenty, as its uses extend to multiple purposes. Beyond building vitality in the body, drinking turmeric milk can help relieve joint pains, inflammation and contribute antioxidants to improve brain functions and help with mood. Beyond this, it can also help to reduce blood sugar levels and lessens the chances of a heart condition, therefore proving comprehensive benefits.

Turmeric Milk

Honey Green Tea

Usually, drinking honey green tea offers abundant antioxidants to the body that are good for building up the immune system. When you also mix a spoonful of black pepper powder into the tea, you can further grow your body’s abilities to grow new white blood cells that together can soothe a sore throat and combat any flu conditions.

Herbal Decoction

A Decoction is perhaps one of the key elements to consume in your diet to gain speedy recovery as it can work wonders for your respiratory system. The ingredients found in a herbal decoction also help with inflammation and muscle spasms, besides helping to clear a sore throat and offering highly nutritional content to the body in the form of numerous vitamins and minerals.

Medicinal Treatments

The solutions offered below can encourage your chances of defeating the coronavirus from causing severe harm to your body while also actively supporting any medications provided to you by the healthcare professionals.

Cold & Cough Syrups

Though it is smart to use home remedies to treat cold and cough symptoms, taking cough syrup for a retching throat will be wise as it works quickly to soothe the throat and remove any form of inflammation. Yet, beware of overdosing on cough syrups. Seek medical assistance if you have coughing and sneezing problems that only seem to be escalating with time.

Pain Relief Medications

Absolutely do not take any forms of medications of your own volition if you experience any pain in your chest and body. Contact your doctor immediately upon experiencing such a symptom while being home quarantined. If advised, you may take some ibuprofen or Acetaminophen as per your doctor’s instructions while you follow the various home remedies for coronavirus prevention.

Prescription Health Medications

Keep away from self-treating your conditions using self-medication because you may risk triggering a reaction that can work negatively for your body. If you are already taking prescription medications, then consult your physician about your quarantine condition and symptoms to learn whether you should switch to different meds or keep taking the same ones.

Note: Asthma or other respiratory conditions, patients, continue medication as per your doctor’s instructions-edit

Miscellaneous Home Remedies for COVID 19 Virus

Beyond trying everything till now, from prayers to countless home remedies for coronavirus prevention that functioned to assist your body in recuperating itself away from the clutches of the virus, you should glance at these tips and perform them as possible to further improve the possibility of living healthier.

  • Eat frequently throughout the day, consume 4-6 meals periodically to prevent starvation.
  • Avoid ingesting alcohol and tobacco substances as those could weaken your respiratory system and other organs.
  • Practice meditation to regulate mood, prevent hyperventilation as well as for de-stressing purposes.
  • Among the important home remedies for coronavirus, follow a regular sleeping habit as lack of poor sleep can slowly deteriorate the body and even compromise its immunity to an extent.

Enduring Coronavirus Pandemic

Tough times may make us put more effort into the simple act of survival, but we must not lose hope about making this virus our history, proof that we can together make a difference for the greater good. Apart from using these home remedies for COVID 19, it is important all the same that you must uphold these basics rules:

  • Avoid nonessential traveling and public gatherings to avoid public contact.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 3ft from each other.
  • Wear your mask, even indoors, if possible, to keep your nose and mouth covered.
  • Wash your hands often as possible with soap and water. Use sanitizers all the same.
  • Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the flu or COVID symptoms.
  • Stay in home isolation if you’re tested positive for COVID.