Coughing a few times a day is not as an alarming condition as coughing incessantly over regular intervals. This problem could easily cause a sore throat and other issues such as an inflamed throat, making it difficult to swallow normally. While such problems mainly arise because of the weather change, you should know that regular coughing may be a sign of severe health problems.

Out of all the reasons to seek home remedies for coughing troubles, the primary one remains to obtain relief from the discomfort and irritation. Although mild coughing can help keep the throat clean, its increased frequency may be a marker of bacterial infections and allergies.

Since prevention is always believed to be a better responsibility than seeking a cure, following the natural remedies for coughing prevention in this guide can help you feel relaxed by keeping your throat clear of irritants. Additionally, some of these remedies could also help improve your voice and other functions in your body, which can contribute to having good health.

Home Remedies For Cough Problems

It is obvious first to treat minor conditions such as coughing or headaches using remedies that you can prepare at home. For the same reasons, you will find each of these home remedies for cough resolution quite useful. Many of these remedies use everyday ingredients that a person can easily find in the kitchen.

Moreover, these home remedies for coughing issues can offer results without causing side effects, which is not always the case when using medical solutions. The only thing you need to be careful of is to never mix medications with these remedies, and together they can produce unpleasant results in some cases.


If chewing ginger might not be something you could do, you may obtain ginger capsules to get relief from your dry, coughing throat. Alternatively, drinking ginger tea will offer you better results because it will do both, lubricate your throat and fight off any lodged bacterias in your throat.

Ginger home remedies for cough

The antibacterial properties of ginger paired with its anti-inflammatory properties can serve a person to improve their immune system besides treating their dry cough.

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Any natural remedies for coughing will be incomplete without counting in honey which has ardently been delivering satisfactory results for ages. Besides being one of the key ingredients in most medicines due to its antibacterial properties, this naturally sweet mixture can show instant results to treat children’s nighttime coughs.

Honey home remedies for cough

Its ability to treat a sore throat better and quicker than some OTC medicines grants it a well-qualified position in the home remedies for cough suppression.  The best way to consume it is by mixing a spoon or two of it with herbal tea or warm water, and alternatively, consuming it with lemon juice can also show promising results.

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One might argue that garlic may not serve too well in treating a sore throat, but that’s untrue. See, garlic naturally contains anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, making it helpful in treating a sore throat that may suffer from allergies or viral antibodies.

Mixing the juice of a few cloves of garlic with honey and drinking it before bed can help treat nighttime coughs, whereas one can also consume it in the diet by mixing it with ghee to eat. Ultimately, it will also help clear out indigestion problems and help lower blood pressure.

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The mint found in the peppermint leaves serves to become one of the ideal home remedies for coughing problems. Its consumption can soothe the throat’s roughness and provide relief to the irritated nerves that together contribute to reducing the cough remarkably.

It is possible to consume it with either warm water, herbal tea, or by having it in an exotic drink. One can also choose to take peppermint lozenges but avoid ingesting too much peppermint at a time to prevent the feeling of cold numbness on your lips and in your mouth.

Peppermint home remedies for cough


The leaves of thyme can help to treat bronchitis problems which makes this herb essential for treating coughs. It also works to soothe a person’s throat and lungs who may be suffering from respiratory illnesses by offering anti-inflammatory function.

 The flavonoids present in the thyme leaves can offer these benefits, and its consumption is as easy as mixing it in boiling water and drinking it after it reaches a lukewarm state. Adding these leaves into the diet can also help unless it is not with ingredients that can irritate the throat.



The licorice roots have been mentioned in ancient texts to offer quick relaxation to the throat. When consumed with tea, this useful ingredient can deliver reliable, effective results, thereby making it a crucial solution among the home remedies for coughing issues.

Its antiviral properties can clear off the throat’s roughness and help dislodge any stuck particles, all without causing any irritations. The best way to consume it will be by drinking it with warm water but avoid overuse to prevent blood pressure, fatigue, and other problematic issues.


If you haven’t tried the saltwater remedy, then it is the first thing you should do. Simply mix little amounts of salt in a glass of water and gargle your throat before spitting out the mixture. Doing the gargles multiple times can help clear nasal passages and reduce any swelling in the throat.

Saltwater Gargle home remedies for cough

A doctor may also recommend this remedy because its benefits greatly outweigh the minor harm it can do. Overdoing this remedy will cause stomach aches and more irritated nerves as the salt in more quantities can harm your throat. Do not advise this remedy to children for their dry cough.


This fruit is unbelievably beneficial to the human body in several ways. Consuming the pineapple can help reduce the itchiness of the throat and help clear out the stuck mucus and other particles.

The bromelain enzyme found in pineapple does all this, which then serves you as one of the formidable home remedies for cough treatment. Make sure not to consume the fruit or its juice when it is cold as it may trigger coughing.


After doing saltwater gargles and when you don’t have honey available with you, performing steam sessions can alleviate your throat’s coughing. It is one of the oldest methods to soothe a sore throat which also helps clear out nasal passages.

The use of steam inhalation as one of the useful home remedies for cough prevention can also help treat respiratory problems. Make sure to do it at least twice a day with a steamer or similar appliance while also possibly adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to get the best results.


Marshmallows can serve as an extraordinary cough suppressant that also helps with relieving sore throat. The mucilage found in marshmallows can form a layer on your throat walls to remove the dry itchiness, making this confectionary item a good choice for consumption with tea.


Turmeric being one of the prime ingredients of ayurvedic medicines, can be incredibly effective not just as beneficial home remedies for coughing but also for treating mild respiratory problems. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties can do both, soothe a dry throat, and protect it from infections. To make it into the best natural remedies for coughing suppression, mix the turmeric powder with warm milk and drink it before bed to obtain dependable results.

Turmeric home remedies for cough

Masala Chai Tea

Emerging as a favorite beverage in the western parts of the world, masala chai tea can work wonders for treating the throat’s soreness. It contains ingredients that are already considered natural remedies for coughing prevention, thereby making it an advantageous drink that boosts immunity.

Make sure to add cinnamon powder, cardamom, cloves, and thyme leaves to obtain instantaneous results. Lastly, drinking it twice a day will naturally prevent any viral infections too.

Cayenne Chilli Pepper

It may seem counterintuitive to consume spicy things when you have a sore throat or an irritable throat, but this vegetable does offer its benefits. The capsaicin found in the chili peppers can minimize chronic coughs and soothe the throat when consumed with tea.

You may use cayenne pepper hot sauce to make a special type of tea with warm water that will also serve to prevent your throat from drying. Maintain that you do not provide this remedy to children and do not add extra sauce because the spiciness may also trigger coughing again.

Useful Natural Remedies for Cough Issues

Apart from using herbs and beverages as natural remedies for cough prevention, there are still a few additional methods that you can try to find soothing relief from retching cough. These remedies might require the use of special appliances, but they can be easily bought from a nearby supermarket to serve as a cost-effective solution.


This remedy works similarly to taking a stem session, except that the water used could also contain essential oils. The function of these oils is to act as a decongestant when inhaled to offer significant relief from the coughing.


The use of eucalyptus oil is known to show beneficial effects, making this one of the quick and useful natural remedies for cough. You can additionally use this solution to scent the room for cases when the person is suffering from nighttime cough issues.

Cough Lozenges

Typically one might resort to taking the cough lozenges, and that’s wise if you know the correct ones to get. From the plenty of lozenges available in the market, many could be flavored and contain added preservatives and other substances that can ultimately worsen the coughing.

Cough Lozenges

Hence, seeking lozenges that effectively lubricate your throat will serve your better than those that only cause more itching while offering mild improvement in taste.

Cough Syrups

One might seek cough drops, but more ideal than that solution is the use of cough syrup. For generations, these syrups are known to serve well to millions of people with varying coughing levels.

Cough Syrup

The only thing to make sure of with certainty is to check whether your syrup contains materials such as camphor, menthol, and codeine at the least because they can give expected positive results in cases of frequent dry coughing.

Humidifier & Air Purifier

One of the more long-term home remedies for cough prevention is to install air purifiers or humidifiers in your surroundings. Their need is perhaps more imminent now than before, with the local and global air pollution growing by scales every passing day.

The humidifiers can reduce the air’s dryness, which allows sinuses to open up, whereas air purification can help remove allergens and aerosol pollutants from the air. Having them both can provide you cleaner air that is neither dry nor overwhelmingly difficult to inhale.

Additional Tips and Natural Remedies for Coughing Problems

Besides following the above-mentioned home remedies for cough, you should also learn to prevent the occurrence of cough in your body. While it can be difficult to always control your environment or the residing elements within it, following these tips can possibly help to make a significant difference in sustaining your health.

  • Refrain coming in contact with someone sick not to trigger coughing and other symptoms in your body.
  • Keep your throat from becoming dry by hydrating it adequately at periodic intervals.
  • Wear a mask if possible when you go outdoors and cover your mouth while coughing.
  • Washing your hands after coughing and handling different objects that may contain significantly more foreign particles will be ideal.
  • Keep your surroundings as clean and free of dust as possible. Keep your indoors shut, too, especially when there’s construction work taking place outdoors.

Final Words

Following these remedies without obsessing over just a few ones will provide you with better results in due time. You can feel free to avoid any of the remedies if they link with a particular allergy that you may have to ensure the betterness of your well-being ultimately.

Additionally, it is also possible to mix a few of these remedies, such as aromatherapy with honey and peppermint solutions, to gain incredible results. However, make sure that you only practice these remedies in moderation and never expect overnight results. After all, anything in excess for your body will always be harmful.