Becoming sick due to ailments can take the life out of you, especially when they are viral. Having Chickenpox is a good example of the same, which makes daily living significantly difficult. What’s more saddening about it is that it can spread through contact and make the people near you sick.

Despite the challenging aspects of suffering from the chickenpox condition, you can still turn the situation around by using natural remedies for Chickenpox when you can’t get immediate medical attention. Most of these remedies can help you to manage the various symptoms so that you can feel lesser of an inconvenience while you’re striving to get in better shape.

Before you proceed to learn about the remedies, you should know that each of these remedies may not work for you precisely in the same manner if you have additional health problems. Otherwise, these remedies have been used in multiple households for several years to curb the symptoms for good.

home remedies for Chickenpox

Beneficial Home Remedies For Chickenpox Condition

Some of the remedies mentioned below will help keep this disease’s contagiousness at bay, while others merely provide relief to the patient. Providing each or most of these home remedies for Chickenpox in a logical manner will serve to give the best results.

Additionally, you can also provide these remedies to the children since they are statistically more likely to get affected by this condition. Any particular remedies that are not advisable for children will contain an explicit mention stating the same.

Baking Soda Bath

This otherwise useful ingredient that generously helps in cooking can also prove to be remarkably effective in helping a person experiencing Chickenpox symptoms. Often, the patient might get the urge to itch and scratch their skin, leading to spreading the infection even more. But this solution can help to prevent those urges.

baking soda bath home remedies for Chickenpox

Take a cup full of baking soda to add into lukewarm water in a tub and allow the person to bathe in it by soaking in the water. After half an hour or a little less time, gently pat the skin with a towel to dry the body. Doing this will not harm the health, so children can too use this remedy. Ideally, performing such baths up to three times could help more. Apart from this there are Many Incredible Benefits

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant offers numerous benefits that cause this plant to be popularly useful in ayurvedic solutions. The pulp or gel found inside the plant’s surface leaves possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help cool the skin. The same gel can also offer relief from itching when applied to the affected area, making this one of the incredibly easy home remedies for Chickenpox that you can perform.

Break the leaves off of an aloe vera plant and skin them to obtain the gel. Do first clean the gel before applying it to the skin to prevent rashes or itching from foreign debris. Re-apply multiple times a day as per need but do not use it more than four times on the respective area.

Aloe vera home remedies for Chickenpox

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Oatmeal Bath

The skin of a person infected by Chickenpox can get pretty dry, especially when making attempts to avoid sweating by not eating spicy food. The person can still prevent the inevitable itching and the urge on dry skin by moisturizing it with an oatmeal bath. Oatmeals can offer to soothe the skin when bathing in the water containing them, which can also prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of your body.

You can use any oats or as long as they are unflavoured because the added ingredients will take things south real quick. Make the oatmeal flakes, one full cup of them as small as possible using a coffee grinder or similar appliance, and put them in warm water. The water should look milky in color, which is a sign that you’re good to soak in it for no longer than twenty minutes.


The after-effects of recovering from a Chickenpox condition will not appear too fantastic if you consider that it will leave scars on your body from the blisters. While one cannot completely make sure not to have these scars afterward, one can ensure that these scars don’t run deep and instead also heal early as possible. Here’s where the usefulness of Honey comes in.

Honey home remedies for Chickenpox

Honey is one of the ideally useful home remedies for Chickenpox treatment as it can both prevent itchiness over the blisters and help to calm the irritation on the skin. Take some honey in a vessel and mildly apply it on the skin to be left for nearly twenty minutes. After the time has passed, either wash the skin gently with water or use a damp cloth to remove the residual Honey. Apart from this honey has many more health benefits. Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey

Vinegar Bath

One of the different ways to prevent the rapid development of lesions is by applying apple cider vinegar or brown vinegar to the skin. This remedy can help to prevent itching, and it can also serve as relief from sunburns. These benefits are possible to gain because of the vinegar’s antimicrobial properties, which do not dissolve away too much when you prepare a bath with it.

Take a cup full of vinegar or apple cider vinegar and add it into the bathwater, which should be somewhat warm. Allow the vinegar to settle in a minute after mixing and then soak in the bath for less than twenty minutes. You can also use some essential oils in the bath to help eliminate the smell but make sure to rinse yourself with water after the bath. Do it once a day and not more.

Neem Juice

If you cannot easily find the above-given ingredients and substances, you can still make one of the home remedies for Chickenpox work by acquiring neem leaves. It is also an excellent substance that is popularly useful in creating ayurvedic medicines. The antiviral properties it possesses, alongside the antibacterial properties, make this remedy a good choice for helping kids with chickenpox symptoms.

Take a substantial amount of neem leaves that are enough to partially fill a mug and grind them together to form a paste. Use this paste to apply it to the skin, and leave it undisturbed for a couple of hours to work its antiviral properties. Instead of crushing the leaves, you can also take a neem bath after washing the dirt and debris away from its leaves before adding it into warm water.

Guava Leaves

To the surprise of some people, a person experiencing chickenpox ailment can also benefit by using Guava leaves. Though in the condition of suffering, the patient may not enjoy eating this fruit due to possible mouth sores, the vitamin c present in the leaves can remarkably help reduce the lesions and their scarring.

Neem leaves home remedies for Chickenpox

Since these leaves are suitable for removing skin irritations and possible infections, take enough guava leaves and wash them before boiling them for ten minutes. Mix this liquid well, and then add a few drops of Honey according to taste before sipping it while warm. Drink it twice a day if required but do not give it to patients with a heart condition.

Green Peas

The green peas can perhaps serve to be one of the nicest home remedies for Chickenpox treatment. They are easy to get, and they also contain multiple compounds such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, and folic acid, which can help the person heal faster from numerous blisters. Moreover, the peas can also reduce skin irritation when you apply their paste to the skin.

Take half or a whole cup of peas to boil before grinding them to make a paste. Once prepared, use this paste and gently apply to the lesions and rashes and leave it there for an hour. Take a bath past the hour to effectively remove any residual paste and do it again the next day as per requirement.

Green Peas

Essential Oils

Do not underestimate the power of natural essential oils to serve as beneficial home remedies for Chickenpox treatment. These oils can prevent itching on the skin and also keep the skin from becoming dry by nourishing it. Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Sandalwood Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil, can each offer several benefits due to their anti-microbial nature, provided you use them with a carrier oil.

Take the carrier oil and essential oil for mixing them together before applying the solution to the blisters. Allow the solution to settle on the skin for an hour before washing it off gently using clean water.

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The antiseptic nature of chamomile can reduce skin irritation while also helping to serve as a calming agent to the body naturally. What further qualifies it among the home remedies for Chickenpox treatment is that it can help with both mouth sores and the skin’s blisters. There are, all in all, three ways by which you can use chamomile to obtain relief in a Chickenpox condition.

You can put multiple chamomile tea bags in the bath to soak your body, or instead, you may drink the chamomile tea to start feeling gradual relief that will help to release inflammation. You can also apply a chamomile mixture to the skin by using compresses soaked in it.

Additional Natural Remedies for Chickenpox Treatment

If you have been seeking other ways to help alleviate chickenpox symptoms, you might find these natural remedies for Chickenpox treatment to be useful. Though they do not concern more with consuming food and beverages, overlooking their advantages won’t be wise, especially in the face of such a grave condition.

Cold Compress

If you have overly itchy skin from blisters, you can use compresses to reduce the skin’s dryness. Take ice cubes, wrap them in a small towel, and gently apply it to the skin to fight the urge to scratch. You can gain an extra benefit if you make the ice cubes from essential oils mixtures that are already among the natural remedies for Chickenpox treatment.

Calamine Lotion

You can obtain this lotion from a chemist and use it to treat the blisters without experiencing side effects in healthy cases. It contains calamine and zinc oxide, which together can help to soothe the itching. Though it is less likely to be count among natural remedies for Chickenpox treatment, it does show results.


Again, this is not exactly among natural remedies for Chickenpox treatment, but you can use it at home, so perhaps it counts. Antihistamine is usually present in cough syrups and other oral medications, and taking it can show significant results in feeling ease from the need to scratch the blisters endlessly.

Prevention Tips for Chickenpox

As difficult as it can be to get through another day while having Chickenpox, preventing it from occurring in the first place can be comparatively a more healthy choice. These natural remedies for Chickenpox prevention will help achieve the same results besides helping to avoid worsening the condition.

  • Cut the nails to prevent scratching the poxes or cuts on the skin or wear gloves, mittens, etc.
  • Before sleeping at night, put on a pair of clean socks on the hands to prevent scratching.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes and instead wear loose clothes that are preferably cotton-made.
  • Try to avoid rubbing the skin after a bath and instead gently pat the skin to dry it.
  • Avoid performing tasks that require exertion or sweat the body.
  • Avoid eating spicy and salty foods to prevent irritation from the mouth sores, if any.
  • Do not eat whole grains, nuts, berries, chocolate, and also avoid caffeine.

Final Words

Effectively using these remedies should show promising results to support the elimination of the Chickenpox condition. If in the case it doesn’t go away on its own as it normally does, you should get your doctor or pediatrician to visit to evaluate the condition.

Using these home remedies for Chickenpox can only offer to help minimize the symptoms. These natural remedies for Chickenpox in no way suggest being the cure of treating the condition in children or adults.